If you have decided want to learn to play guitar and you are left handed – there are a few things you need to know. Left-handed guitars are harder to find than right handed ones and are sometimes much more expensive. If you do not want to outlay more than you need to you could consider modifying a right handed guitar. You can modify a cheap used right-handed guitar by doing four things:

1. Purchase a guitar with a floating bridge (the part that holds the strings up off the top of the guitar); if the bridge is glued to the soundboard (as most are) this will not work unless you can price it off nicely without damaging the guitar.

2. Take the strings off and reposition the bridge 180 degrees, so that the grooves for the fattest strings are at the top. (If the small bridge at the top of the fretboard is floating, change this around as well). If the bridge at the top of the fretboard is fixed then you may need to slightly widen the thinnest groove with a small needle file.

3. The holes in the pegs may be suitable and not be a problem. If you can not fit the thickest bass string through the appropriate peg hole, make the hole larger, using a round file or metal drill.

4. Before you made permanent configurations to some old guitar with a floating bridge that you've found at a garage sale or pawn shop, make sure it is not valuable ! (like an old Fender or Gibson). Enjoy your new left handed guitar!

Source by Tony Robinson
from http://ezinearticles.com/?Play-Left-Handed-Guitar&id=998528


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