Are you one of those people that dream of playing the electric guitar in a band someday? Well, you are not alone, many people would love to live that dream. And it is possible, as long as you dedicate yourself to learning, and make enough time in your life to find a band to jam with. But the first thing that you need to do is to actually learn how to play that electric guitar.

1. The best thing to do is to learn on an acoustic guitar because you can hear the notes clear which helps you learn more effectively. So assuming you have perfected the acoustic, its time to move on to the electric guitar. Here is where you are going to have to fork over some cash, so try to factor in that it is not just the guitar, it is also the amplifier, pedals, straps and a hard carrying case. When you are spending that kind of money, it is best to ask the salesperson as many questions as possible. Only when you are one hundred percent sure what you want, then make the purchase.

2. So you get home with all these new toys, you put everything together, but now what? Well, lets play some guitar! This is where all that practicing on your acoustic is going to pay off! So if you have put in a significant numbers of hours playing on the acoustic, then you will find it strangely easy to play the electric guitar.

3. Now just practice as much as possible! Start off by playing all the scales and chords until they are mistake free. After that, try to play some of your favorite songs, listen to segments of the songs, then try to replicate it. After you have perfected that, do your own thing! After all, playing the guitar is all about creativity! Try to create your own music, bit by bit, song by song, you may just find a hidden talent and become one of the greats.

So there you have some tips to learn how to play the electric guitar. Keep practicing and trying new thing, and one day you just might be playing up on stage with a band, just like you have dreamt for years.

Source by John Amherst


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