Can guitar learning software really help you learn guitar faster? Is it possible for guitar software to replace a live guitar teacher? This article will discuss why online guitar software can not completely take the place of a live teacher, but it does fill a role in your quest to learn the guitar.

Learning guitar is a life-long process as you well know, but I am sure there is a part of you that wonders just how quickly you can pick up the guitar and start jamming on some of your favorite tunes. Consistent practice is the key, and that is just where software that aims to teach you guitar online can help.

I have had a few different guitar teachers in my day. They were fantastic musicians in their own right and I completely appreciate the musical knowledge that they brave me. I remember my very first lesson. My guitar teacher asked me what style I wanted to play. I had not really thought about this, so I asked him a good place to start. He ran through examples of so many different styles that it blew me away, and then he suggested we start with the blues. Which of course, is a great answer for a beginner. Guitar software can never give you that kind of one on one teaching.

But what guitar learning software can do is give you a way to practice and improve your skills when your regular guitar teacher is not available. I do not know how many times my different teachers had to cancel on me to get ready for an arriving gig. And that is what software can give you. It is always there, ready to practice with. And I can tell you, it is much less embarrassing making a mistake in front of software versus your teacher!

So can software that promises to teach you the guitar replace a real live teacher? Not in my opinion, but it is invaluable when it comes to practicing on a consistent basis.

Source by Dean Olmstead


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