A lot of people who are learning how to play guitar find that the songs become quite repetitive and mundane. This is because you have to learn the easy notes first and it is likely that the songs you have been given to learn are quite traditional and based on the technical skills you need. There are some songs that are easy and fun to play to break up the monotony of this learning process.

You can choose songs that are suited to your taste or have an eclectic mix to make sure that you cover all the skills needed for playing the guitar.

One of the best songs for beginners is "Horse with no name" by America. This song is simple to play as it has two chords- E minor and D. These particular chords are repeated in the chorus of the song as well as the verse, giving maximum exposure to learning these chords.

For all the Nirvana fans who were probably inspired to start playing by this band, the song "About a Girl" is an easy and pleasant song to learn. The verses of the song concentrate on the chords A and G in the open position. The chorus is a bit more difficult to master to begin with, but once you have practiced a bit more you will be able to play it well.

One of the best crowd favorites is Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffet. This tune concentrates on the chords D, A and G through the whole song. As a beginner, Margaritaville is a good song to learn as it takes you through learning the basic chords before moving onto the walking bass line.

Some other songs that you could try are "Silent Night", "Help!" by The Beatles and "House of the Rising Sun" by The Animals.

Source by Kenn Bell
from http://ezinearticles.com/?Easy-to-Learn-Guitar-Songs-For-the-Beginner&id=1519574


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